Hello Everyone,

I am sorry to announce but due to many factors including product costs going up, shipping costs going up, and availability of materials we will have to close our doors.

All items have been reduced by 40% off customer and consultant pricing no additional discounts will be applied while supplies last.
The discount will show as a line item with the amount saved


Also, all orders will not pay out commissions to any consultant.
We will continue to add inventory and other items that we can make with the current supply of materials we have on hand.
Restock will be done daily as supplies last. We will continue to re-stock until all materials are gone.

All un-used vouchers, coupons, and unclaimed rewards/prizes will expire once all product has been sold.

Also if you are a current consultant all commissions must be claimed before 8-31-2022 or they will be forfeited (expired)
Thank you for all support we have received through the years.