Heirloom Traditions Gel Wax 16oz - Muddy Pond
Heirloom Traditions Gel Wax 16oz - Muddy Pond


NEW GEL WAX FORMULA! Our chemist has been at it again. Our Gel Wax is the next evolution in traditional antiquing wax. The features of Gel Wax are:

*Soap & Water clean up!
*Remove with water for up to 12 hours. No more buying a clear wax to "erase". Remove as little or as much as you want to dial it in to your comfort level of antiquing/toning.
*Easy glide on application
*Now available in a 6oz and 16oz size

Oxidized Patina wax will add an aqua blue tone to your painted surface. All of our wax products will tone, enhance and antique your painted finish. All of our wax products will seal your chalk painted finish.

Be sure to check out other top selling colors available in the new Gel Wax Formula: Clear, Dark Umber, Muddy Pond, White Lime, Barnwood, Jet Black, Oxidized Patina.

NOTE: All gel waxes must be used over raw wood or unsealed chalk paint

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Heirloom Traditions videos and more information can be found here.

Here are some examples of Jars we found that other people have re-purposed with this type of paint and gel wax.