Pumpkin Apple Crepes Car Freshener
Pumpkin Apple Crepes Car Freshener


This fragrance will place you in the temperament for these special seasons with top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple, and fruits; center notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; with base notes of warm vanilla.

Each Bottle contains approx: 5ml of fragrance oil.

Directions: Unscrew the wooden lid, remove the plastic plug from opening, replace the wooden lid. After the wooden lid is tightly in place turn bottle upside down for 10-20 seconds to saturate the wood. Hang in the desired location. When the scent starts to fade repeat previous step.

WARNING: Flammable, Keep away from heat and flame. Do not ingest diffuser oil. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product. The oil will stain. Avoid contact with furnishings, fabric and wood surfaces. Do not place on electrical equipment, as accidental spillage may cause damage to certain materials. For adult use only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.