Maple Glazed Morning 16oz Candle
Maple Glazed Morning 16oz Candle


September 2018 Scent of the Month(Maple Glazed Morning). Dark roasted coffee with a mix of buttery vanilla, caramelized sugar, and a pan of crispy bacon.

August Scent of the Month (Red White Blue) A sweet aroma of ripened black cherries, with an Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and blueberries with a hint of vanilla cream.  This can be made with the following mixture 2 parts blueberry cobbler, 2 parts cream soda, 1 part black cherry ice.

July Scent of the Month (Summer Day) will remind you of the smell of the outdoors on a Summer Day.  This can be re-created with 2/3 of Lawn Clippings and 1/3 of Fresh Breeze. (2/3 cube of Lawn Clippings and 1/3 cube of Fresh Breeze)

June Scent of the Month (Fruit Smash) is a fruity mixture of orange, watermelon & Strawberry! A fruit burst you will love! This scent can be made by mixing 1 tart cube of the following scents together.  Strawberry, Watermelon, and Citrus Slices.